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Select Your Personalized Consultation that works for your lifestyle.

We offer In Person visit at Gracious Glow or telemedicine visits from the comfort of your home:

**Follow-up telemedicine visit are 30 minutes and new patient telemedicine visits are 60 minutes


Partner with a practitioner committed to whole-body healing.

If you feel like the healthcare system is broken and the line of treatment is designed to maximize profits, not to keep you healthy, you aren’t alone.


Pills for symptoms, never-ending transactional visits, and being referred to different specialists make it challenging for you to manage your condition thoroughly. The root cause is never addressed, and there’s no doctor to see you as a whole.


At Arcadia Institute, integrative and functional medicine practitioner Beth Panoff can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. She offers personalized, whole-person care to tackle problems at their core and maximize optimal well-being.


You’ll never be rushed or feel dismissed. Expect to be treated like Beth’s only patient every time. Integrative and functional medicine in Wilmington, NC, is the new way of thinking about optimal health.


Book today to start feeling like yourself once again.

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