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Welcome to Arcadia Institute for Health and Longevity, where thriving is not just a possibility but a certainty.


As the visionary founder, Beth Panoff, a highly accomplished practitioner in Regenerative and functional medicine, brings her wealth of expertise to Wilmington, NC. Graduating with a Master's Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Columbia University in 2003, Beth's journey began in NYC Emergency Departments, then extended to caring for end-stage congestive heart failure patients at the prestigious Columbia University Medical Center. Witnessing the profound impact of lifestyle choices on overall health, Beth recognized the limitations of conventional medicine and ignited her passion for functional medicine.


At Arcadia Institute for Health and Longevity, we stand as the foremost authority in personalized healthcare, committed to revolutionizing the way we approach aging.


Our exceptional services are designed to ensure that fatigue, aches and pains, insomnia, memory loss, and disease are no longer seen as inevitable consequences of growing older. As a premier healthcare institute, we prioritize your individuality and goals. Our advanced approach involves precise analysis of hormone levels, inflammatory markers, and specialized testing for a comprehensive assessment of your GI health, hormonal balance, and metabolic processes.


Notably, our nutrient testing will pinpoint any deficiencies that need immediate attention. With this wealth of in-depth knowledge, we create a cutting-edge, tailor-made plan crafted exclusively for you.


Embrace the power of personalized care and take charge of your well-being today. Partner with Arcadia Institute for Health and Longevity, where we redefine aging and embrace optimal health.


Your journey to vitality starts here. Contact us now to unlock your full potential.


Beth Panoff FNP-c

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