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Can Rapamycin Be the Key to Longer Life?

Of the longevity drugs in existence today none hold greater promise to extend healthy lifespan (otherwise known as healthspan) than Rapamycin

Rapamycin was first discovered in the 60s on Easter Island while scientist were searching for novel therapeutics to treat diseases. They came across Rapamycin which has since then been used as an  anti rejection drug in transplant patients.

It wasn’t until the 90s that scientists first discovered its longevity potential and the research has exploded since then. Researchers confirmed that Rapamycin acts on a previously undiscovered protein complex known as mTOR, which has since been identified contributing factor in lifespan and aging.  .

mTOR stands for the mammalian target of Rapamycin.  mTOR

How Does Rapamycin Work?

In recent years, Rapamycin has emerged as an exciting opportunity for longevity researchers. In fact, Rapamycin has demonstrated longevity benefits in organisms as varied as yeast and flies to worms and mice. Now, are showing promise.


Research has shown that Rapamycin deactivates a master regulator switch within our cells, turning cellular repair on and cell growth down, which leads to reduced inflammation and increased autophagy which is necessary for recycling of damaged proteins and assisting in removal of cellular debris. Think of it as a self cleaning mode for our cells.  This switch is called mTOR.

mTOR stands for the mammalian target of Rapamycin.

mTOR is a sensor that becomes activated when we eat foods which signals to cells to grow which is a good thing in may circumstances.

By turning mTOR down we activate another signaling agent called AMPK which allows this “housecleaning” process to begin. This signaling age AMPK is also what gets activated during fasting which is why fasting can also be so beneficial.

Like most things in life It is all about balance. mTOR and AMPK are both necessary functions but when they are best when in balance. We need mTOR activation for the growth of tissue ( example children or muscle building) but too much activation and we increase cellular senescence ( zombie cells) which increase the rick of cancer and most every other chronic disease out there.

The current model of aging looks at senescence as one of the main hallmarks of aging.

                                                  Rapamycin is what we call a repurposed drug

A repurposed drug is one that has been already approved for another indication, generally has been used for many years and has been found to have another benefit.

The benefit of utilizing repurposed drugs is that we know they are generally safe because they have been used for many years.

Their cost is generally lower and we know much more about their actions.

Rapamycin can be an integral component in a longevity program when combined with balanced hormones, healthy lifestyle and peptide therapies to achieve an optimal health span.

Reach out to find out more or to see if Rapamycin may be beneficial to you!

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